Anonymous sent: Have faith in him, dear one. There is a strength in that boy that none of us saw. When you despair, remember that for everyone, in the history of all the world, love has always won. Remember what we have said, Itachi. Remember always that we love you. You have outgrown our laps, but never our hearts. Remember who you are, do not lose yourself in the weight of what. Have faith in your brother, he will find peace, have no fear - and we shall all be happy.

Why was it that things had to end the way that they did? Itachi couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of bitterness rise within him at the thought of how cruel the world was. It wasn’t right that his entire family had to suffer the way that they did and that Sasuke had to continue to suffer. But more than any of that he hated that he had to become the instrument of all their misfortune, pain and sorrows.

Still, the words spoken to him touched him and with them also came the age old pain he wished that he could leave buried forever.

"I…I understand." He at last spoke, resolve once more resurfacing. All he had to do was push a bit further and for a little bit longer and soon his plan would come to fruition and with it he would be at long last granted his rest. "For Sasuke I will continue to fight until my last breath and in hopes that I can do you proud one last time."