"Of course it's hard, this kind of darkness would be hard for anyone, but especially someone who cares as deeply as you do. It's really unfair that you ever had to even consider these things. But you're loved, I hope that helps. I suppose just keep focusing on how you're taking care of your brother, that's always been enough to motivate you in general. Your love for him has always been astonishingly strong. And it will be over soon. You can rest soon. -Fugaku"

The faintest smile caught his the corners of his lips as he listened to the words of his dearly departed father. It was so like the man to speak in such a way and he could have sworn that he wasn’t really gone at all and that he was right there with him. No matter how distant the man had been Itachi could always appreciate his strength and firm resolve. All he could do now was pray that he too possessed that same strength that the former clan leader did.

"I long for that day Tou-san, but I’m not sure if that’s right." He took a breath, his voice threatening to break once more. "Still, I can’t help but think it’s horribly selfish of me to want such a thing since when I pass Sasuke will be alone."

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