"Dear boy, we never suffered. Our only pain stems from failing you. It is you that has suffered, borne the weight of the world on his shoulders for the sake of others. We wish, with all our hearts, that things had been different. This world was never made for one as gentle as you. We are at peace, yes. Do not weep for us, dear child. We are in the wind, the rain, the sunlight, the stars, your heart. We are with you, always. Do not look for our graves in rue. We are not there, we live in you."

Those words somehow brought a sense of ease to his emotional turmoil. There was no doubt that he would feel guilt, regret, and despair throughout what little time remained of his short life, but those words did help him. It wasn’t often that he felt some sort of reprieve from his agony, but it was only natural that his parents would be the ones to do such a thing. After all, back before his world had totally gone to hell it had been his parents and his family that had gave him some sort of solace.

"I will try." He replied, a sad smile on his lips there for no one to see but those that were no longer of this world. "All I wish for now is to allow Sasuke to have that peace that we were all denied. Then I shall be happy."

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